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Maximize Your Employability

Boost your Salary, Launch Your Career Advancement 

with Network Engineering / Web Development


A concise and complete approach in building participants skills from fundamental to expert level in networking or web development


Training not bound by classroom knowledge, but working on tutorials simulating real workplace scenarios to build work experiences.


Obtain Microsoft-Certified Professional Certifications, one of the most demanded certification in the IT industry.



MCSE Network Professional Certification

Our Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) is a professional certification course designed to empower working adults with current network knowledge in the IT Industry. This gives participants an edge in their career advancement while increasing their chance to secure a better salary. Fresh graduate participants can also capitalize the MCSE course as it will give them a higher employability and become a primary candidate choice for hiring employers.

  • A complete journey to become a professional network engineer/architect – starting with building your core skill to securing network systems.

  • Our classes supplement participants with real life situations and scenarios. Get your knowledge and your work experiences as you go through our course.

  • Get a concise syllabus – our course delivers the essential materials within an optimized timeframe. Shorten your course duration from 3 years to 6 months!

MCSA Web Development Professional Certification

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate is a web development certification that propels participant in to the world of coding and web development. With a concise delivery and thorough explanation of various fundamentals of programming language, this course serves as a catalyst for participants to utilize and expand their skillsets to other fields such as development of mobile application and desktop software. Moreover, the MCSA course are highly demanded by fresh graduates as it supplements their skill with proficiency in different programming language, making them a valuable candidate for employers to hire.

  • Master various coding languages, from JavaScript to CSS Web Development.

  • In-depth explanation of each coding syllabus, with context-based tutorials to acclimate participants with real work applications.

  • Build your foundation in programming/coding languages and expand your expertise into application and software development


In today’s ever-changing job industry, it is harder to get employed as there are countless others that has a similar diploma or degree. Moreover, it became harder to be considered for a promotion as companies tend to hire someone with better skills. With a professional certificate, fresh graduates gain a competitive edge where they have more knowledge to become a prime candidate to get hired. Not only that, a professional certificate also supplements employees’ current work skill and prime them for higher career advancement.


  • Network Engineer

  • Network Administrator
  • Server Administrator
  • Web Developer

  • Mobile App Developer

  • Software Developer

Maximize Your Employability Boost your Salary, IS HERE.



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A great course for college graduates! I learn MCSA coding and the trainers are clear and concise

Angelica Lim, Degree Graduate

I took up MCSE to boost my skillset as a network executive, but I am convinced that I can pursue a better position with this professional certificate. Thanks!

Pralad Ganesan, Degree Graduate

I know I wanted to work in the IT world, so instead of taking a Pre-U and a degree after highschool, I asked my parents to support me to go for the MCSE course. Alhamdulillah, Within a week of getting my certification I got a job as a junior network technician in a big company! Really recommend the course!

Ahmad Nasruddin, Degree Graduate