High Income Jobs in 2020: 10 Years Challenge

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Hottest Jobs in the Market: #10yearchallenge “10 Year Challenge” has been all the rage in the net recently, thinking back a decade ago, the job market has changed pretty drastically too. Where once considered as a successful job many has since been shunned by the upcoming generation in preference to a career that gives them more freedom and flexibility but with the same payscale. This post will compare how the recent Industrial 4.0 trend has shaped the trending job market as opposed to glamour jobs 10 years back. We have covered 4 High Income Jobs and Skills in 2020, [...]

Best Cybersecurity Courses for 2020

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Best Cybersecurity Courses and Certification for 2020: From Beginner to Advance Must Knows Before You Embark on Your Cybersecurity Certification Quest If you've no IT backgrounds at all, it is better to have started of with CompTIA A+ and Network+ training before you begin your ascends towards beginner cybersecurity training such as CEH or CompTIA Security+, it's virtually impossible to study cybersecurity without understanding computers and Operating Systems (A+) and computer networking (Network+) first. There is no such thing as take single certification and you will be an absolute expert. In fact beginner certification [...]

CompTIA Training and Certification Guide

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CompTIA helps you in getting the IT job role that you want as soon as you get a particular role certified CompTIA Certification and Training Overview One of the best recognized certifications in the IT industry, since it's inception in 1993, CompTIA training and certification has been touted as a vendor-neutral certifications highly given weight by employers and industry alike. CompTIA certifications are grouped based on skills set and job specifications: IT Core Skills Training: CompTIA A+ Training (Learning focused on end-user support), CompTIA Network+ Training (training on computer network troubleshooting, installation, or maintenance)  and [...]

What To Do After SPM?: Take Some Fun Courses To Improve Your Skills

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Beginning the end in mind! Firstly, congratulation to all SPM students who have obtained flying colors in their result. For those whose result it’s not what you expect, do not be disheartened there are more opportunities out there that determines your success in the future. Based on our experience as seeing that we have been in your exact shoes, we quickly find out that the joy and despair of SPM results are very short lived. There is too much in life compared to 9A+ or 10A+. Knowledge is a never-ending cycle and SPM is a small phase in a long [...]