Top Security Concerns of 5G Networks




Wonders of 5G 

Most of us have heard of the wondrous vision of what 5G networks could be doing in the near future in our upcoming century. From 1 – 10 Gigabytes per second downloads to latency of 1 millisecond is all really too good to be true. Gone will be the days of waiting to stream high definition videos or content.It also feels like the reminiscences of the previous dial-up internet era versus today’s internet networks.

Although the possible future of mobile connectivity is shining bright, One cannot help but to think of all the security headaches that will be mounted up as soon as it is live.

Let’s explore some of the security flaws that are sure to be review once again.


Trust Models
5G networks will be supporting new business models that comes with new actors, trust models will need to accommodate and extend its requirements in areas such as accountability, disapproval and authentication between actors. The challenge will be handling an enormous range of devices and its security requirements while adapting to countless types of security postures with the assumption that all devices adhere to standards and are not hampering the network. It does not mean that security protocols will be revamp to fit 5G but the important thing is trust models must be review again.


Current Threat Landscape on Larger Scale
The key asset of the networked society will be data. Hence, control for personal data is vital for operations and will increase in importance with competition. Unreliable authentication methods such as username/password will need to change entirely. Security protocols will be a need in both software and hardware.


Flexible Security Architecture
Virtualization is one of the main factors for 5G networks to work. As it grows, security architecture needs to grow together with it, both in size and complexity. This will not just make security handling more efficient but also limit external threats to sensitive user data all together. Such a security design that have higher flexibility could solve unnecessary conflicts between usability and security that will improve network performance by allowing networks forego extra security protocols in various networks to optimize traffic with service chaining while still keeping the data encrypted from end-to-end.


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