Why Do You Forget What You Learned? And How to Solve it.



Do you get the times when you went to a class or training and then you could not remember what was taught to you? May it be an hour ago or the day before, somehow you just forget what you had learned before.

That funny thing is that most of us waste our learning time and resources because we do not follow a simple concept known as the Learning Pyramid. With every moment delayed, your information that you had learned starts to leak into the Memory Dump. Much like that from Inside Out. 

Behold, the Learning Pyramid!

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Why would you most likely be able to retain 90% of what you learn by teaching or using it immediately?

The main reason for this is because you make mistakes. Much like how Alfred from Batman Begins had said, “Why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” So the same applies to all learners, we make mistakes to learn and pick ourselves up. As soon as you run into difficulty and start to make mistakes, you will learn how to correct that mistake. This forces your brain to concentrate. 

I am always concentrating and being alert while I am in my lectures or while doing my studies.

But do you remember them? Most likely not, because there are no mistakes to make. What your brain sees and hears are unrefined concepts that cannot be registered as a lesson learned. So no matter how clear or structured the lesson is, there is no way that the information you just seen or heard will be absorbed if you do nothing with it.

Here are 2 factors why:

  1. Your brain needs to have first hand experience.
  2. Your brain cannot comprehend the first stumbling block. 


Your brain needs to have first hand experience.

Much like walking as a child, no one walked upright on the first try. The same goes with learning, mistake must be made in order to learn. This is because your interpretation varies from the teacher or the presenter. The reality of listening with an imagination in mind and doing what was taught is very different.  You can only find out how much you know by doing it or by teaching others the concept that you had learned.


Your brain cannot overcome the first stumbling block. 

You are going to miss out multiple concepts when browsing your materials for the first time. The reason for this is because when the brain gets stuck at the first new concept/obstacle, it stops and tries to apply the concept but struggles to do so. Combine with a stream of other information coming in, your brain cannot fully grasp the lesson and hence, will have incomplete information. 


So how do I remember 90% of what I learn?

Write it down or create a mind map.  You can even talk to someone about it. Maybe your trainer or your colleague. A simple concept is never just learned. It needs to be discussed, written, implemented, felt with, and etc.


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